What’s That Challenge

From the air you breathe to the fashion you wear- there is a science behind it all, you just have to be daring enough to ask “what’s that?”. Lizzard is working with middle school and high school teachers throughout Massachusetts to take part in the “What’s That Challenge”.

With each Lizzard fashion, we aim to create a “What’s That?” moment where we hope the image ignites your curiosity  (ex Sheldon is wearing a red shirt w/ 647 on it?  Howard asks, “What’s that- what’s 647?”.  Sheldon responds, “although you may call this shirt red, light like red light is composed of a wavelength and frequency and the wavelength of red light is ~647 nm”).  

Students are invited to create their own “What’s That?” images.  Entries can draw inspiration from basic science, medicine, food science, nature, engineering, music, technology— you name it. Discover the science that is all around us. Each design (photo or drawing) must come with a description of the scientific topic in reference. How does it work? Why is it cool? What’s That?

Winning designs from each school will be featured on our website and go head to head vs other schools to win LF  apparel and one winner will receive an Ipod Touch!

Want to find out how your school can get involved?  Email your name, age, school name, and the name of your science teacher to info@lizzardfashion.com

Competition runs from January 2012 to the last day of school in June! Good luck!

Vote for the Boston PICs MCAS Bio Prep Class winner!